The Best & Classic

Cornhole Team Names!

If you have been trying to find a cool name for your cornhole team and you need some ideas,  then this is the page for you. We've held the Civitan Cornhole Classic for eleven years and we've heard and seen lots of great team names. Each year our judges select the best cornhole team name of the tournament. So, we made a list of some of the best and greatest cornhole team names, winners from the Civitan Cornhole Classic and some tried & corny classic names. Use them if you like them. And, visit again. We'll add some new names now and then or, at least every year. Think you have the greatest team name ever? Come play in the Classic. If your name wins, your name will be immortalized on the Civitan Cornhole Classic web page.

Here are some of our favorites:

Bald Baggers (2023 winner)

Your hole is my goal (2022 winner)

Inglorious Baggers (2021 winner)

Sons of pitches (2020 winner)

We're gonna need a bigger hole! (2019 winner)

Oh! Me so corny (2018 winner)

Bung Holes (2017 winner)

Corntrol Your Hole (2016 winner)

Jimmy Crack Cornhole (2015 winner)

Maized & Cornfused


We the People play Cornhole

We wax our cornholes

Corn, Thugs and Hominy

Shuck Dynasty


The Corn Identity

Children of the cornhole

Blood, Sweat and Ears

Corn Shuckers

Hole 9 Yards

Will he Maize?

Corn pwned

Corn oscopy

Hard Cornography

Corn Creamers

Corn dodgers

Brazilian Brown Eye



Sack to the Future

Puckered cornhole

Whoops - That's my Cornhole!

Big Bag Theory

Take that cob and shove it

Nothin butt hole

Fuzzy cornholes

Shucking Amaizing

Hole patrol

These classics are well known and popular....





We So Corny

Dirty Bags

Corn Flakes

Mother Shuckers

Corn Nuts

Corn Stalkers

Hole Burners

Hole Bangers

In the Hole

Corn Dogs

Hairy Bags

Fire in the Hole

Corn to be Wild

4 Bags 2 the Wind

Hole Burners


Thank you sponsors

The Civitan Cornhole Classic is a charity cornhole tournament to benefit the Unumb Center for Neurodevelopment, South Carolina Autism Society and the Civitan International Research Center and features a cash purse and door prizes for everyone. There's even a prize for the best cornhole team name. Entry fee includes the official Civitan Cornhole Classic t-shirt and a ticket for door prizes. The Classic's rules feature a round robin format and fixed frame scoring. Official rules can be found here. Everyone is welcome to play or watch. Please like the Classic on facebook.

The Civitan Cornhole Classic is a project of the Dutch Fork Civitan Club. The Dutch Fork Civitan Club is a community service club with membership open to anyone interested in volunteering and helping other people. Like Civitans around the world, we have a special interest in helping people challenged by developmental disabilities. Many projects focus on our primary service area, the Irmo, LAke Murray, St. Andrews and Chapin areas of the midlands but through our common goals with other Civitan clubs we can reach out around to world to help people in need. Visitors are welcome at any of our meetings and activities. The club meets the second and fourth Mondays of each month at Zorba's, 6169 St. Andrews Road. Please join us at the next meeting. For more information contact us at


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